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Reduce Conflict

Understand Motivations
Have a conversation framework
Improve understanding

Employee Complaints

Formal vs Psychological
Transactional vs Relational framework
How to renegotiate psychological contracts

Employee Well-Being

Create a more supportive environment
Remove obstacles
Work with happier people

The Psychological Contract explains the driving forces behind behaviours / expectations. With employee care and employee performance in mind, this framework enables a better understanding of how to avoid challenging situations e.g. conflict at work, and makes for enhanced relationships by providing insight into the users own Psychological Contract.

Improve employee care / employee performance by:

Employee engagement, performance and relationships can all be enhanced by people knowing how to demonstrably care about those around them.


What the Psychological Contract is, why it matters and how to use it to energize relationships.

Be Empowered

Make meaningful change in relationships (personal and organisational) using a structured approach to harnessing the Psychological Contract wherever required.


From over 50 years of academic research and from a deep-dive into your own Psychological Contract
to enable you to improve relationships.

"There would be fewer workplace problems if more leaders used the psychological contract to improve their approach to working with employees; really worthwhile."
George Dyer-Wilson MBA
Care Energized™


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